Fluke Ti401 PRO Infrared Cameras

A new full spectrum line of Fluke infrared cameras designed with the customer’s challenges in mind.
Fluke is redefining the resolution standard for professional infrared cameras. All the cameras in this series offer the advantage of 640 x 480 resolution and the option of two different forms. Now customers can truly select a camera that is best suited to their operation without sacrificing resolution, ergonomics or features.

We recognize that it’s not one approach for all — each industry, business and success measure is unique. Optimally engineered, Fluke cameras are designed to drive efficiency through the latest in thermography technology advancements. They offer everything needed for industrial professionals to safely, quickly and easily find, assess and solve mission-critical problems before they result in downtime, become costly or even disastrous.


Ti401 PRO Infrared Cameras
The 640 x 480 resolution Fluke Ti401 PRO offers the image quality necessary to conduct inspections faster than ever before. Stay ahead of expensive downtime occurrences by capturing the best possible images the first time. With the ruggedness and ease of use that you’d expect from Fluke along with sharp, crisp images, this popular pistol grip camera offers a 3.5-inch (landscape) LCD screen for easy issue identification.


• Highest industrial grade thermal sensor resolution in the market (640 x 480 pixels), being even with the highest end/ most expensive thermal imager in Fluke’s line up.


LaserSharp™ Auto Focus technology to produce consistently in-focus images for more accurate temperature measurements without the need of being close-up to the target.


IR-Fusion® continuous AutoBlend™ technology enables user to observe small details and discover anomalies easier.


Highest temperature sensitivity with its low NETD rating at 75mK to detect the smallest changes in temperature (other brands runs at 90mK)


Key Features

  • Best in class temperature range (-20°C → 650 °C) that covers most applications from electrical breakers all the way to steamers and boilers in process stage.
    (competitor stands at 550 °C)
  • Higher operating temperature than other options by at 50 °C.
  • Digitally documents critical information along with the infrared image using IR-PhotoNotes™ or voice annotation
  • User friendly touchscreen capability at 3.5” display
  • Physical buttons available for processes that requires the usage of gloves
  • Widest viewing angle in class (34 °H x 24 °V)
  • Offers Fluke Connect® App compatibility to share results with remote users via a smart phone
  • Four types of interchangeable lens according to users’ personal preference.


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