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How to update user role in my business account?

You have to be logged in to manage user role from your business account.

*Only the organization admin can remove users from a registered organization

1. Hover your mouse over your name on the top right corner.

2. Click on “Your Organization”.


3. In the ‘Company Profile’ under ‘Your Organisation’ section, click “Users”.


4. To update a user role, click (…) next to the user details. 


5. A dropdown option will appear. Click ‘Edit User Info’.


6. Click the dropdown under ‘Role’. 

  • If you are not using the approval workflow, the roles applicable are ‘Admin’ and ‘Purchaser’
  • The system requires 1 admin user assigned to the organization at all time. If there’s only one admin for the organization, the role for the admin cannot be updated
  • Cart limit will control the total order per basket. This means the user will not be able to order more than the cart limit amount. This control is at the cart level only. This is not the order limit and will not restrict how much the user can purchase in total. 
  • If there is no cart limit, the required value is ‘0’.




7. Click ‘Update’ button to finalize the change.