Crisben Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is a Hazardous Material (Hazmat) Management, Training and Product Specialist in the industry. Crisben emphasizes sharing its specialist knowledge and experience with its customers to fulfil their environmental protection obligations. In 1989, Crisben started its operations mostly in designing and developing oil interceptors and investing in products for a complete solution into oil spills management.

Crisben provides solutions in Hazmat Spills Management, Equipment, 1st Responders Training, provider of International Maritime Org (IMO) Certified Model Course to its customers taking over their burden of Know-How and Regulatory Compliance.

Based in Malaysia, providing ranges of products, Crisben aims to bring its customers quality Earth-Friendly products that aid in cleaning and protecting the Environment. Namely, containment products that come in many types and sizes for holding the different size of drum or tank–spill decks, spill pallet, and collapsible bunds to name a few. These products are made to prevent further spillage and to ensure the safe storage of chemicals.

Furthermore, Crisben provides absorbent products range from absorbent pads, granules, booms, and mops. Each of absorbent products is designed specifically for different situations and requirements –small spill on land, spill in lakes and spill in open seas for effectiveness and durability to adsorbs and block hazardous materials.

Crisben offers offshore products that contain spills in ports for 24 hours of protection. These products are made of PVC or Natural Rubber for high durability and to fit Customer’s request. Moreover, Crisben Engineering Design Team will be on site to assists in OSRE (Oil Spill Response Equipment) conceptual study to installation and long term product maintenance.

Besides, Crisben provides spill kits that included its various absorbent products which are combined to create a complete clean-up for daily or emergency use. The spill kits come in different spill response capacity of 20 litres to 200 litres depending on working environment and requirements. It is compact, light, effective and economical.


Why Crisben?
Crisben has experience in Oil & Chemical Spills management from land spills to water spills have benefited the Government and Local Industries. Crisben On-site commitment and dedication have supported its customers in handling these spills by providing consultancy and services (T&C applicable).
Crisben also offers professional international and local based training for On-Site Risk Assessment and Hazmat Spill Response that supports its customers’ commitment to Duty of Care for the environment.

Crisben 24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Stock Response has earned its place in its Customer’s hearts, knowing that they can have the privilege to access to Crisben stockpile anytime should they encounter oil or chemical spills. This critical support has aided in cleaning up environmental spills and often Crisben specialist is requested to be on-site for the guidance of clean-up operations. Since Crisben is committed on environmental preservation; its customers are not imposed extra charges. (T&C applicable)