Why Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) from Aethon?         

TUG AMR is the number #1 autonomous robot for material handling.

It can be easily mobilized 24/7 to transport inventory, Work-In-Process (WIP) and other goods directly to the dedicated areas of interest.

In-aligned with Industry 4.0 : Smart Manufacturing; KVC proudly presents to you , Aethon the world’s top leading provider for autonomous mobile robots..


Who needs Aethon? 

  • Manufacturing Industry

- Transportation of fragile electrical products that need to be complied with ESD Standards.

- Automate the material handling process from incoming warehouse to Sub-assemblies and Outgoing warehouse for delivery.


  •  Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

- Delivery of drugs and medication to specific patients and P&C medical reports to dedicated medical professionals through biometric user authentication


  • Hospitality Industry 

- Transport/carry the luggage and miscellaneous items to dedicated lodging rooms.

- Deliver food and drinks to specific rooms without the need of physical labor.

- Deliver the new linens and toiletries to the dedicated rooms.


How Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) differentiates itself from conventional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)? 

a) Quick setup and installations

- Mapping,routes and delivery points are easily generated.

- AMR are easily charged as Charging Stations are simply plugged into the wall.

 - AGV need fixed,guided magnetic wires and tapes that requires expensive maintenance.


b) Highly Flexible 

    - AGV requires fixed,guided magnetic wires and tapes  in order to navigate itself.

    - AMR navigates through  modern Autonomous's technology like Camera & Laser Based navigational system to allow safer navigation.

   - AMR can be programmed  based upon the  needs and requirement of the manufacturing system without a major amendment on the facility layout as per compared to AGV.


c) Highly Collaborative 

   - AMR can be seamlessly integrated to the manufacturing system in aligned with Industrial 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

   - Easily navigate in places where people and equipment are stationed without a need to allocate an area dedicated for AMR routing path.

   - Integration between other collaborative technology like robotic arms to speed up the material handling and thus, increasing the overall productivity and throughput of the plant floor.


Benefits reaped from AMR : 

- Less Labor Intensive 

- Improved Productivity and efficiency

- Faster End product's time to market 

- Connecting Islands of automation


Source from : EATHON

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