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Ultimaker is a 3D printer manufacturing company that make Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printers, develop 3D printing software, and sell branded 3D printing materials. The latest Ultimaker focused products are Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker 3 series, Ultimaker 2+ series. These products are used by industries such as automotive, architecture, healthcare, education, and semiconductor.


What makes Ultimaker 3D better than others?


Many companies have embraced 3D printing. 3D printing opens a whole new way in which products are created and it offers a lot of advantages compared to the usual traditional manufacturing methods. Additionally, over 50 percent expect 3D printing technology to be used for high volume product development as its effects on supply chains will become even more disruptive.


3D printers that simply work   Software ready for Industry 4.0   Material choice like never before
Award-winning 3D printers are robust, reliable, and easy to use. They deliver quality parts time and again. Certified to run 24/7, they allow you to achieve the results you need more quickly and easily.   Trusted by millions of users across 14 languages, Ultimaker Cura slices your model and integrates with any workflow through Marketplace plugins. Then scale production and digital distribution with Ultimaker Cloud.   Ultimaker offers the widest material choice on the market. Through our Material Alliance, choose the perfect filament for your application – from advanced polymers to carbon fiber composites.



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  Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker S5
 Extrusion  Single  Single / Dual   Single / Dual 
 Build Volume  223 X 223 X 205 mm  197 x 215 x 300 mm  330 x 240 x 300 mm
 XYZ Accuracy  12.5micron X 12.5micron X 5micron  12.5micron X 12.5micron X 5micron  6.9micron X 6.9micron X 2.5micron
 Printing Source   3D printing from SD Card  WIFI, Lan,USB Port 3D Printing  WIFI, Lan,USB Port 3D printing
 Material Recognition with NFC Scanner  No  Yes   Yes 
 Live Camera No Yes Yes, with 4.7 Inch Color Touchscreen
 Cura Connect No No Yes
Printhead Thin rod with light printhead, NOT a modular printhead Thin rod with dual extruder and medium weight, modular printhead Thick rod with bigger size printhead but slow printing

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