OFFERS / Schneider Electric PM1120 Power Meter Promotion

Terms & Conditions :
1. Promotion is valid from 01-Feb-20 to 15-Apr-20.
2. Applicable to KVC Dealers and Indirect Panel Builders with no direct account with Schneider Electric ONLY.
3. Product entitlement for this promotion is METSEPM1120HCL10RS.
4. Only REGISTERED dealers and indirect panel builders will be entitled to the FOC units (refer to application form attached). 
5. Promotion table as below:

Purchase METSEPM1120HCL10RS
FOC PM1120 worth list price RM1,368 (Qty)
Package A - 10 units 1
Package B - 20 units 3

6. Dealers and indirect panel builders will receive the FOC PM1120 within 6 months after the promotion ended.
7. Schneider Electric and KVC reserved the rights to forfeit the reward shall any of the standard commercial program terms and conditions not fulfill, or any non-genuine Schneider Electric (M) Sdn. Bhd. products found.

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