Terms & Conditions : 

  • This promotion is valid for purchase from 01-Apr-19 to 31-May-19
  • This incentive cash rebate promotion is ONLY OPEN to all KVC and SWE’s O.E.M customer who has no direct purchase account with  Schneider Electric Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.
  • OEMs have to sign back the Indirect OEM Program and returned to KVC or SWE to entitle for this promotion
  • O.E.Ms have to provide confirmed Single Purchase Order (PO) with a minimum value of RM 4,000 to entitle for the rebate.
 Invoiced Value  Cash Rebate
 Every RM 4,000 Package  RM200
* Capped 10 packages per O.E.M.
  • Incentive payout calculation is based on invoice value (from KVC/ SWE) from 01-Apr-19 to 31-May-19.
  • Cash rebate will be given by KVC/ SWE via credit note after the promotion ends.
  • Total available packages are limited to 150 Packages based on first come first serve basis.
  • Schneider Electric/ KVC reserved the right to withdraw the promotion program without prior notice.
  • Any additional Term & Conditions not mentioned here will be subject to Schneider Electric final decision.


Promotion product category as below: 

 Product Group  Product Category
Control & Signaling

 - Push Button & Pilot Light,
 - Pendant Control Station,
 - Control Station,
 - Tower Light

Relay  - Smart Relay, 
 - Plug-in & Electronic Relay,
 - Electronic Timer

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