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SIRIM - Calibration Services

Sirim Standards Technology (SST)

Establish in 1994 as a joint-venture company between SIRIM BHD and SIME DARBY BHD.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of SIRIM BHD since 2013.


What is Calibration?

It is an activity where the instrument being tested is compared to a known reference value/higher reference standard.

Calibration helps to minimise measurement uncertainty and improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurement equipment/device.

For example :

  •  Reading from an instrument are consistent with other measurements.
  •  The accuracy of the instrument readings is determined.
  •  The reliability of the instrument is established i.e. that it can be trusted.


Any instruments that used for measuring purpose having measurement element on it that impacts Quality and Safety of Product or Services can be cablirated.




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