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About Kiple

Kiple envisions helping people leap forward financially with our digital innovations; like ripples that grow in size. kiple is a brand owned by Kiplepay Sdn Bhd and was established in 2016.

Kipple are one of the pioneering players in the Fintech market that focus on driving digital innovations in enterprises, e-commerce, education, and the property sector.

Kiple strive to work extensively with businesses to understand their challenges and needs in order to provide adaptable solutions to enhance their current offerings and platform. Kiple’s solutions allow businesses to gain substantially as we provide a holistic e-payment ecosystem in diverse areas; e-wallet services, online payments, bill payments, and parking payments. kiple encompasses 4 sub-brands; kipleBiz, kiplePay, kipleHome, and kiplePark.

Kiple are a lean team that goes through progressive improvements and a constant effort to keep pushing forward to uplift peoples’ life with our digital innovations.

Digitalize Your Property
Kiple Face Thermal Terminal allows you to automate and protect your property through seamless and contactless touchpoints.


The temperature of individuals can be scanned using AI Facial Recognition with Thermal Scanning even with a face mask on. Wide range of hardware devices available for different property types.


Seamless and verified access for residents, tenants, and visitors. Blacklist risky individuals from building access. We also allow special guests to receive QR code for entry scanning upon invite.


Accurate reporting of individual health code, ID, and visits instead of the manual logbook. The system allows communication broadcasts to premises.

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