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Batch manufacturer today presents multiple challenges to increase production performance, achieve further product changes & turnover, improve yields while at the same time meeting quality, safety & compliance goals. As companies tackle these challenges, they must look at new and modern approaches to established processes traditionally used in batching applications.

The changing expectations of today’s workforce with the fast-moving pace of technology presents a shift from rigid technology specialist towards operational generalists who demand the easy adoption of tools that have intuitive workflows. A modern batch solution must not only address these challenges with technical capabilities but do so while maintaining the security, integrity, and reliability of the production system.

Customer challenges:

A traditional batch system features one size for all applications. Vendor provided skids are difficult to integrate and control is often duplicated in the batch server, which adds risk to the project schedule and makes it hard to support.

Users in a traditional system have to master several systems and multiple procedural flows in order to keep operations running. Extension to mobile devices is either limited to custom web services or emulated HMI clients with limited functionality. Acknowledgements and workarounds for non-standard conditions are timely to address and cause production delays.

Systems are isolated for security purposes, which makes extraction of data difficult and usually involves gateways, OPC servers, or custom tools. Only proprietary, vendor-specific batching equipment is permitted on the plant network. Servers, workstations, and network switches are limited to a single vendor-provided option, making it difficult to manage IT support and integrate with business ERP systems.


FactoryTalk® Batch provides efficient, consistent predictable batch processing that supports the reuse of code, recipes, phases, and logic. FactoryTalk Batch combines the ISA-88 standard with proven technology that provides the flexibility ranging from enterprise-wide architectures to complex single-unit applications.

SequenceManager™ provides basic controller-based batch management appropriate for single unit or multiple-independent unit operations. SequenceManager directs programs inside a controller in an ordered sequence for demanding applications.

With SequenceManager, user can deliver fast and reliable execution while reducing infrastructure costs for standalone units. This promotes the delivery of complete skid-based systems that are easy to integrate.

Logix Batch and Sequence Manager (LBSM) is an easily adoptable controller-based batch management appropriate for single-unit or multiple-independent unit operations. LBSM directs application code with a simple configuration from the operator interface. It supports both local and server-client configurations to deliver a consistent user experience.

Numerous styles of reports which commonly used such as: Batch summary, material consumption, traceability, and analysis reports provide reliable and actionable information are provided to present critical production information to help meet key performance goals. Advanced filters and exception-based configurations ensure efficient use of time and resources to streamline the operations.


Integration of the batch management system with local skids and controllers utilizing a distributed ISA-88 model results in a more responsive and highly reliable system that is focused on improving operator effectiveness and higher throughput. Systems can easily grow from single unit instances into larger enterprise-wide deployments.

Modern interfaces workflows, and accessibility features enable operators to focus on production needs instead of navigation of the system. Flexible yet secured access to the system eases adoption of a batch system in applications that require manual additions, material tracking, and version control of recipes. Mobile technology enables operators, engineers, and supervisors to quickly address workflow deviations and approvals.

A modern batch system utilises a design for security approach that secures production systems and intellectual property yet helps the plant meet uptime expectations. The system able to simultaneous and make data available for continuous improvement analysis while protecting the integrity of data so that it can be leveraged in regulatory and quality control reporting.



Featured Products


The CotrolLogix® controller provides scalable controller solution that is capable of addressing a large amount of I/O points. The ControlLogix I/O chassis and multiple controllers can be installed in the same chassis. Control Logix controllers can monitor and control I/O across the Contrologix blackplane, as well as over network links. The ControlLogix 5580 controllers have an embedded Ethernet port for a direct connection to Ethernet-enabled devices and networks, and also support communication interface modules in the local chassis.


The PowerFlex® 520-Series AC drive delivers an innovative design that is remarkably versatile and can accommodate systems ranging from standalone machines to simple system integration. The PowerFlex 523 drive provides general-purpose control for applications ranging up to 30 HP and 22 kW. The PowerFlex 525 drive provides maximum flexibility and performance ranging up to 30HP and 22 kW. By combining a variety of motor control options, communications, energy savings and standard safety features in a cost-effective drive, the PowerFlex 520-Series drive is suitable for a wide array of applications.


The PowerFlex® 523 AC Drives are cost-effective and ideal for standalone machines. These drives provide an innovative, modular design that supports fast and easy installation and configuration. Inaddition, they offer USB programming, application-specific configuration, and flexible mounting options. PowerFlex 523 AC drives offer a power rating of 0.2-22 kW (0.25-30 Hp) with global voltage classes of 100-600V. They support a wide range of motor control, offer a compact footprint, and operate at temperatures as high as 70°C (158°F).



1783 Stratix® 5700 Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches use the current Cisco Catalyst switch architecture and feature set. They are designed to meet your switching capability needs, from smaller applications to IT-ready integration with plantwide infrastructure. Configuration and monitoring tools provide secure integration to the enterprise network and allow easy setup and diagnostics with our Integrated Architecture® system.


PowerFlex® 753 AC Drives are cost-effective and easy to use in general purpose applications requiring safety features. They come standard with built-in I/O, which is ideal for machine builders and sytem integrators who want to reduce engineering costs, deliver machines to market faster, and meet eng-user demand for more productive machines. Select size-optimized drives for low-power applications wher you have limited space available. The Dual-port EtherNet/IP Option Module offers flexible, cost-effective methods for leveraging EtherNet/IP networks.


Dynamix 1444 series modules are designed to serve the condition monitoring requirement of rotating and reciprocating industrial machinery. The family includes the 1444-DYN04-01RA high performance. The 1444-TSCX02-02RB modules provide tachometer signal conditioning. The 1444-RELX00-04RB relays, 1444-AOFX00-04RB analog outputs and 1444-TB-A/B terminal bases are also included in the family. The modules are applied in combinations as necesary to the application.


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