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Accident happens in workplace when there are no proper safety measures in place especially working at height. These incidents can cause minor injuries to death. Other than psychological effect including anxiety and depression on workers, it also indirectly affects the schedule completion.

According to Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), the construction sector has the highest number of accidents that resulted in injury or even death Compared to other employment sectors. Death causes by falling in construction site has been reported as 467 cases due to lack of alertness caused by the company.


Customer challenges:

Construction work often exposes people to risk from working at height. The exposure of risk is getting high when the working procedure is complicated. Worker feel anxious and insecure to perform the task without a proper fall protection system. This will affect the company attrition rate as well as company’s image.

Compensation to injury cases and other penalties for not complying the obligation incurred a loss to an organisation.

At times, safety awareness has not been emphasis. Workers are always underestimate their chances of getting hurt perform the activities.

Safety training and guidance are also one of the challenges faced. The limited knowledge on guideline and application of the safety equipment will get worker involve in accident risk.


Fall protection isn’t just about prevent from falling. It’s about control fall risk in the first place and make sure worker working safely at heights.

Cable lifelines and Tranfastener allow for maximum worker mobility without requiring them to officially disconnect from the line and have proven to dramatically reduce the amount of swinging that occurs during a fall event.

MSA - Latchways Transfastener device is offering the convenient to user to move along the lifeline, with all the cable support and the 90-degree corner.

The lifeline is built by SS316 material and tested up to 30years simulation in extreme environment. The lifeline system complied- EN795:2012, ANSI Z359.1-2007, OSHA 1926.502 and 1910.66.

Latchways Transfasterner device comes with energy absorbent, it can minimise the building structure from damage, especially the roof during falling event.

Besides, training and yearly inspection service by specialist is available.


A safe workplace attracts and retains quality employees. It enhances worker confidence to perform their task efficiently.

Having a complete fall protection system at workplace helps to simplify the rescue operations and protect workers from injuries.

When the cases of injuries been reduced, employer can substantially reduce worker compensation claim and even insurance premiums.


Featured Products


With lightweight and durable components, MSA V-FORM™ range of safety harnesses provide full comfort to the users. These full-body harnesses come in the catchy colour combination of MSA Green and Gray.


The MSA new range of shock absorbing-lanyards including the versions with a leading edge approval! The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces below 6kN. The lanyards are available in web and kernmantel rope configurations with a variety of connectors.


For use on stadiums, oil rings, land-based wind towers, and other elevated work environments, Latchways fixed ladder systems are always read for climbing. Featuring our innovative LadderLatch™ unit, with its unique starwheel component that provides continuous security with hands-free climbing, out fixed ladder systems are designed to maximize confidence and productivity. And, because they are flexible enough to follow the contours of virtually any structure, these fixed ladder systems maximize the safety value in a working environment, too.

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Featured Products