Product Information OverviewPhlips | Master Value Led Tube

A high performance LED solution, the professional Master Value LED tube is ideal for replacing T 8 ˜ fluorescent lamps using EM ballast or installing directly on the mains This product provides a uniform lighting effect for use in all general lighting, as well as instant energy efficiency making for an environmentally friendly solution.


Product Features

Highly Reliable

  • Reliable operation between -20 OC to 45 OC ambient temperature
  • Rated 50,000 hours lifetime according to F50L70
  • 200,000 switching cycles

Highly Comfortable

  • Wide beam angle of 240°
  • CRI > 80
  • Advanced optical design ensures a uniform light output and superior optical efficiency

Highly Energy Efficient

  • Energy savings of more than 60%*
*Based on comparison between 12.5W & 18.2W LEDtube and Philips TLD standard 36W(40-44W) & 58W system power when working with Electro Magnetic Ballasts

Highly Safe

  • Protection circuit inside ensuring people's safety in case of mis-use, complying with IEC safety requirements
  • Pass 4KV high-pot test, insulation & safety guaranteed
  • Pass 1KV surge test (vs. IEC standard 500V), avoiding the damage caused by input voltage fluctuation and lightning strike

Perfect Fit

  • 100% comply with IEC requirement on T8 dimension, fitting into fluorescent luminaire perfectly

Highly Environmental Friendly

  • No mercury
  • No breakage and pollution risk

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