Electric vehicles (EV) are expected to play an increasingly important role in transporting people and products. Effective recharging systems will be vital to ensure drivers can charge their EV without disrupting their own journeys or stressing the broader power grid.

Powering most of the cars we drive with electricity will be essential to address growing CO2 emissions and air pollution in cities. As more electric car models become available, they will also become a more affordable choice for people and businesses.

There are around 1 billion cars on the roads globally. Out of these, around 2 to 3 million are pure battery-electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA anticipates there will be 50-100 million EVs on the road by 2025.

Source: Shell & IEA

Customer challenges:

The speed of charging infrastructure is currently the biggest potential deterrents for a user to purchase an electric car. Slower charging speed restrains EV drivers geographically as it takes about few hours to fully recharge the EV.

The scarcely available number of EV charger is affecting EV drivers’ range confidence in the daily commute. It is a challenge for EV drivers to locate the availability of the EV Chargers to match their daily schedule, causing unnecessary inconvenience.

Another challenge that EV drivers face is the problems of unauthenticated parking where the allocated EV Charging parking is being occupied by Petroleum / Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars. An inconsiderate EV driver might hog the charging station even when they do not intend to charge their cars, occupying the already limited EV parking.


Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions comes with the 7.4kW and 22kW charging power which is ideal for charging overnight at homes or during working hours at the workplace. It also provides a 22kW, high powered faster charging solution, which allowed quick vehicle charge while travelling between destinations.

EVlink Smart Wallbox comes with built in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader can either authenticate user via RFID cards or connected to phone apps via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) which help to authenticate users, display the location and availability of the EV Charging. You can remotely start and stop the charging session via a single click on the smartphone app.

The EVlink Smart Wallbox is able to authenticate users intelligently via smartphone apps and automated barrier. The smartphone apps come with built in cashless payment where the transaction can be made in the apps. The in-app navigation also helps the users to identify the charger’s location and its availability.


EV Charging Station solution provides a safer and faster charging as compared to conventional 3 pin charging solution to provide a peace of mind for EV drivers.

The smart automated barrier helps to prevent unauthorized parking, thereby reduce the manpower to station and serve EV parking lots.

The in-app navigation helps the EV users to identify the charger’s location and its availability while providing indirect advertisement of the location to the EV drivers’ community to attract EV crowds for commercial activities. It also helps EV drivers to plan the charging session accurately to better match their daily schedule and ensure charging convenience.


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Ideal for semi-public parking facilities, corporate EV fleets, and apartment complexes, EVLink Smart Wallbox offers energy metering capabilities plus the connectivity you need to ensure user authentication, generate reports and billing, allocate costs to individual users, and perform remote maintenance. Everything you need to make EV charging easier than ever to manage!


The EVlink Wallbox is weatherproof and robust. It can therefore be used in tough environments:in homes and on private properties (condominium, corporate car park, hotel...)


Project Reference

Re-own premium outlet, 6,000 ft above sea level

Trendy and active lifestyles resident

High-end residential located in the bustling vicinity of the KL city centre


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