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ROBUST OUTDOOR WALLBOX FOR HOMES AND PRIVATE PROPERTIES (condominium, corporate car park, hotel, etc.) 

EVlink by Schneider Electric is committed in bringing you the safe and reliable electric vehicle smart charging station.

EVLink Wallbox EVH2S7P04KCharging stations for home or private properties (indoors or outdoors)

The EVlink Wallbox is weatherproof and robust. It can therefore be used in tough environments in homes, condominiums, corporate car parks & hotels.

Extensive choice

Range of charging stations:
  • Rated charging power: 7.4, or 22.1 kW
  • T2 socket outlet (with shutter) or attached cable (with T1 or T2 connector)
  • Heavy duty socket outlet with silver plated contacts avoiding overheating

Charging station QR Code

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  • Highly robust to mechanical impact: IK10
  • Suitable for outdoor use: IP54

Easy to use

  • "Plug and charge"
  • One-touch stop/restart
  • Attached cable rolled up around the Wallbox
  • 1 or 2 charging stations on the same pole

Selectable energy management function

  • Delayed start allowing off-peak hours charging only; or
  • Temporary current limitation (from 16 A to 10 A or from 32 A to 16 A) protecting building users from blackouts.
  • Functions are activated by external contacts (off-peak contact, load-shedding module contact, etc.) hardwired on a station digital input.

EVlink Smart Wallbox EVB1A22P4RI | The connected EV charging station for smarter charging

Ideal for semi-public parking facilities, corporate EV fleets, and apartment complexes, EVLink Smart Wallbox offers energy metering capabilities plus the connectivity you need to ensure user authentication, generate reports and billing, allocate costs to individual users, and perform remote maintenance. Everything you need to make EV charging easier than ever to manage!

Extensive choice

Range of charging stations:
  • Maximum charging power: 7.4 kW or 22.1 kW with a single-phase or three-phase power supply
  • Maximum charging current can be adjusted from 8A to 32A
  • T2 socket outlet with shutter
  • Attached cable with T1 or T2 connector
  • RFID user authentication


  • Heavy duty socket outlet with silver plated contacts avoiding overheating
  • High protection against mechanical impacts: IK10
  • Suitable for outdoor use: IP54

Easy to install and commission

  • Wall mounting or floor standing
  • 1 or 2 charging stations on the same pole
  • Easy wiring
  • Integrated measuring of the apparent power
  • Interface with an external MID energy meter
  • Parameters setting through a web server embedded in the charging station

Energy management

  • Delayed charging locally controlled by a wired contact to postpone charging to off-peak hours
  • Temporary current limitation to a set value, controlled by a wired contact, to reduce the overall facility consumption and reduce the risk of power outage.
  • Delayed charging and current limitation can also be controlled by the supervision (over OCPP) or by the building management system (over Modbus)

Versatile connection to a supervision

  • Wired Ethernet: 3 ports
  • Wi-Fi module as an accessory
  • GPRS/3G modem as an accessory
  • OCPP 1.5 or OCPP 1.6 interface

Optimized architecture

  • Standalone or clustered architecture
  • Connected or not to a supervision (through OCPP 1.5 or OCPP 1.6 communication protocole)

Comparison between EVLink Wallbox and EVLink Smart Wallbox

Source from : Schneider Electric 

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