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A photovoltaic system is only as good as its smallest components. Starting with its connectors. After all, they do have to withstand a great deal: wind, sun and extreme temperature fluctuations. All of this for up to 25 years. In addition to meeting the highest standards, a connector should also be easy to handle. Just like the connectors in the Weidmüller product range!


Reducing costs over the long term

When you buy cheaply, you are often faced with greater costs over the long term. By making the right investments, you can ensure reliable operation and durability. With solar plants that have to withstand high loads, the reliability of even the smallest components is especially critical. The wearing of contacts quickly leads to malfunctions, production downtimes and, ultimately, considerable additional costs. Minimise the risk and put your faith in an experienced partner and proven quality for even the smallest components.

Working with absolute security

With over 60 years of scientific know-how, our certified laboratory guarantees connection systems of the highest quality. We carry out regular quality checks, load capacity tests and ageing tests are standard practice for us. Consequently, our connectors are certified by TÜV and meet the requirements of DIN EN 50521. We provide totally compatible, totally reliable components and tools that allow you to install your system safely.

Rapid, easy installation

Regardless of whether you are using a conventional crimp connection or the innovative PV-Stick with PUSH IN technology, our connectors are extremely easy to handle and can be installed quickly.

  • Wiring without laborious crimping thanks to PV connectors combined with PUSH IN technology for the first time
  • Quality tools and accessories allow you to work safely and rapidly
  • The ergonomic design makes the connectors easy to use and handle, even for long periods

(a) Crimp-free wiring

Connections made easy with the PV-Stick

Plug in, twist, power: the easiest way to wire up solar panels

Faster is better. Thanks to the unique PUSH IN technology, our easy-to-handle PV-Stick with its “Type 4” connector face can be installed extremely quickly and easily without the need for a crimping tool. The PV-Stick avoids potential assembly errors by being free of crimp contacts and the need for crimping tools. This cuts installation time by at least 50% – without any loss of quality.

(b) Classic connection system

WM4 C with conventional connector face and proven Weidmüller quality

Our classic system for rapid crimp connections: effective and standard-compliant

The WM4 C is our modern crimp connector. It combines outstanding quality with ease of handling and is available as a field or housing connector. The standard “Type 4” connector face allows it to be used with Weidmüller's entire range of connectors. As you would expect, the WM4 C is offered with accessories and suitable, high-quality tools to permit safe and reliable wiring.

Source from : Weidmüller

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