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Smart water management is a system designed to collect all the data on the flow, pressure and water distribution in a city. The main purpose is to ensure that the infrastructure and energy used to distribute water are managed effectively.

The demand for having a smarter way to manage the natural resources is increasing, especially when cities become more intelligent. The growing standard of living had significantly increased the expectations on a sufficient amount of clean water. It's become a reason why smart water management has become a critical need today.

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Customer challenges:

Water operators today face numerous challenges resulting from environmental factors, increasing demand and water wastage or scarcity.

Growing in population and the intelligence of the city have increased the demand of the water. This brings a challenge to water operators that they may face an imbalance between the demand and supply of the water.

The increasing of energy and electricity cost bring a significant effect to the operational cost. Also, the unnecessary expenses of the repair work and replacement that caused by unscheduled downtime also incurred costs to the company.


Smart Water System Control provides operational excellence with an intelligent motor control system to optimize water delivery. This enables state water operators to maintain sustained water supply to their customers in Malaysia.

The system is made possible by a procedure that locates the best efficiency point of the pumps where the flow rate is maximized. The pumps are then operated within these best efficiency points to maximize the throughput and energy savings.

The integrated motor protection features built into this intelligent system helps to ensure the pumps and the motors have a longer life cycle while advanced predictive diagnostics protect the system against downtime due to damage from motor winding, motor bearings, motor shaft or even pump cavitation.

The smart water system control comes with the monitoring deployment which allows remote control of the water distribution system from a dashboard on the desktop or phone.


The Automatic Device Configuration allowed the system to auto-configured the system when there is a downtime occurred. This can reduce the number of unscheduled downtime and achieve cost efficiency.

Smart Water System Control can maximize the output with minimized energy consumption by its Smart Algorithm. Estimated up to 30% of energy can be saved by using this control system compared to the normal drive control system.

Predictive maintenance techniques help to monitor and analyse the condition of the equipment. This helps to reduce the operational cost by reducing the number of unscheduled downtime and resulting in improved profitability.

Controlling the water distribution system remotely from desktop or phone provides a significant convenience in operational access and systems handling regardless of the plant location. This can substantially improve the productivity.


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Water Treatment Plant in Penang


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