Solutions and Applications

Electrical Distribution

Schneider Electric Phaseo Easy ABL2

Designed to provide the DC voltage necessary for electrical equipment operating in a low voltage automation and control system (PLC, HMI, sensors, etc.).

Electrical Distribution

Introducing PowerTag® The Smallest Wireless Energy Sensor

The uptime and efficiency of a building's electrical assets is one of building owner's top priorities. Imagine that this can be monitored anytime, from anywhere. This is where Schneider Electric PowerTag comes in, where by tagging on circuit breaker, building owners can monitor the health of a building, proactively manage energy usage and minimise downtime of assets breakdown.

Electrical Distribution

Benefit of PowerTag?

PowerTag is compact and easy to install on new or existing protective devices in one simple tagging action. It’s a perfect solution for Retrofit and New panels. PowerTag offers a consistent solution to monitor your installation at every level, from load to main incomer. “Get as close as possible to the circuit to monitor”

Electrical Distribution

Discover Your Power Network Hidden Potential

Your facility's power is critical to your operations. Disruptions impact productivity and safety, and wasted energy and equipment failure affect your bottom line. You need a way to reveal hidden risk and opportunities. Schneider Electric power management solutions brings unique new capabilities that make it simpler to protect people and assets, keep operation running and save time and money.

Electrical Distribution

Understand Your Control Panel

Control panel are designed to access, control or monitor instruments which are displayed in an enclosed unit. Electrical panel components control every piece of equipment in every industry.