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What’s Wrong with My Cable?

While the most common causes of failures in twisted pair cabling include installation errors, defects found in poor-quality components (cables, connectors, patch cords, etc.), damage to the installed cable and incorrect tester set up, sometimes technicians want to know specifically WHY a link failed. Based on which performance parameter failed testing, there are specific possible causes that a technician can consider.

Safety and Tools


Energy savings start with two basic tactics: (1) general inspection of key systems and (2) targeted data gathering, including logging energy usage at the main service entrances and at the key loads. Identify how much a system is specified to consume, determine how much it is currently consuming, and identify wasteful practices, either in the hours and type of operation, or in the equipment and system itself. To achieve the savings, the facility must address the waste, either by changes in operation, in maintenance, or in equipment and controls.

Building Automation and Construction

Surge Protective Devices

Lightning strikes are an unpredictable natural phenomenon. However, the way equipment can be protected from lightning strikes is predictable. Sudden power surge may cause sudden flow of excess heat. This may damage any integrated circuits (IC), wires connected to it. That's why it is important to prevent voltage surges from hitting the electrical equipment.

Safety and Tools

Solutions for Data Center Professionals

Data center professionals are responsible for the storage, management, and dissemination of data and information, without interruption. It’s a huge task in our data-reliant society and people count on the delivery of the information they need, whenever they need it. The professionals working in this critical
business must be able to rely on their tools to keep things up and running.

Safety and Tools

Power Quality Measurement

The worsening of power quality is a huge concern because of the increase in the use of power electronic devices using inverters, an increase of unbalanced loads like large furnaces or rectifiers, and generally more complicated power distribution due to an increase in grid connections for new energy sources, etc.

Electrical Distribution

Schneider Electric EVLink™ Wallbox

Robust outdoor wallbox for homes and private properties. Fresh, crisp looks to match your taste. Designed to ensure everyday use with improved resistance to sunlight. User restricted by key with nobody but you can stop the charging. User-friendly and intuitive interface with light indicator of charging status and one touch stop/restart.

Electrical Distribution

Analog Time Switch

The new launched analog time switch by Schneider Electric during end of last year. A simple and afforable way to save energy, increase security in residential, commercial and public facility buildings. 

Electrical Distribution

Schneider Electric Phaseo Easy ABL2

Designed to provide the DC voltage necessary for electrical equipment operating in a low voltage automation and control system (PLC, HMI, sensors, etc.).

Safety and Tools

Fall Protection Systems that Matter - Industry

Falls from heights are the single biggest cause of death and one major cause of serious workplace injury. For businesses whose workers must operate quickly and effectively at heights, fall protection is already a major issue—and will become increasingly significant.