Solutions and Applications


Fall Protection - Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline

Latchways Constant Force post (CFP) does not need to be fixed to the building structure but instead top-fixes to the roof, therefore simplifying installation, saving time and protecting structures from compromise. With Constant Force technology as its governing principle, the load generated in the event of a fall is absorbed through the Latchways system, minimising loads placed on the roof structure.


Cable Management Solutions for Railway

Millions of people around the world travel by rail every day. You help make that
transportation safe and reliable. Effective cable and wire management is essential to your success, but has inherent challenges. You need highly durable cable and wire management systems that comply with today’s stringent safety standards, meet your design specifications and simplify the installation process, and operate dependably in harsh weather conditions and operating environments. 


Railway Systems for Railway Signaling and Communication

In order to make rail transportation more attractive to both passengers and businesses, rail operators have to overcome the challenges of capacity, reliability and life cycle costs. A dedicated Ethernet-based infrastructure not only meets the requirements of critical assets such as signaling and modern train stations, it also helps to increase capacity, reliability and safety.