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Renewable and Clean Energy

How to Conserve Our Environment?

The effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission in the air would not only result in climate change that has a range of impacts on the environment. Importantly, people health will be affected gravely if the emission of GHGs is not monitored sternly. In some other countries, people died due to air pollution, it’s shown that human health relies on healthy environment. In Malaysia, the main cause of air pollution was from the combustion of fossil fuels emitted by vehicles. Thus, it is vital to tackle this issue as it has direct effects on people health.

Renewable and Clean Energy

Schneider Electric EVLink™ Wallbox

Robust outdoor wallbox for homes and private properties. Fresh, crisp looks to match your taste. Designed to ensure everyday use with improved resistance to sunlight. User restricted by key with nobody but you can stop the charging. User-friendly and intuitive interface with light indicator of charging status and one touch stop/restart.

Renewable and Clean Energy

Cable Management - Solar Energy

The world increasingly relies on clean, renewable energy sources, and solar power has proven to be a smart choice for the future. Panduit solutions help minimize the number of suppliers needed to complete your supply chain and addresses today’s most pressing solar power issues.