Benefit of PowerTag?

Why PowerTag?    

“Get as close as possible to the circuit to monitor”


We used to monitor energy consumption at panel or group level. 

To better monitor the installation, we need to get closer to the load.

PowerTag is the solution! PowerTag offers something more!


PowerTag offers a consistent solution to monitor your installation at every level, from load to main incomer.


  • ISO50001 enabler
  • Monitor the consumption of each final distribution circuit.




  • Measurements values: 
    • Phase-to-neutural and phase-to-phase Voltage
    • Current per phase
    • Active / Reactive* Power, total and per phase
    • Power Factor*
    • Frequency*
  • Alarm in case of voltage loss o abnormal behavior of the load. 
  • Thanks to alarm / notification, action can be taken without delay, downtime can be reduced and up-time can be improved


* Availability depending on concentrator and PowerTag model. Refer to catalogue. 
  POWERTAG needs to be associated with a concentrator to treat the data collected and provide additional alarms. *


Benefits of PowerTag


  • Compact design to fit directly on the protective device of the circuit being monitored
  • No impact on DIN rail as it fits directly on the protective device


  • Simplifies switchboard wiring and commissioning operations
  • Allow flexibility in switchboard arrangement



  • Class 1 according to IEC 61557-12
  • Voltage and current are measured at the same point on the circuit providing accurate measurement and relevant information such as voltage loss


  • Perfect for retrofit as it has no impact on DIN rail as it fits directly on the protective device
  • PowerTag are detected automatically by the concentrator during commissioning


How to install PowerTag in a distribution board?


 Tag the Main Incomer: 

  • Active and Reactive Energy comsumptiion and generation of the full distribution board
  • Overload risk anticipation (Pre-alarms, alarms_
  • Voltage loss

 Tag the Head of Group: 

  • Energy consumption of the group
  • Voltage loss


  • To treat the data and communicate outside the panel

 Tag the terminal circuit to monitor your critical loads 
 (IT, HVAC, Cold rooms, pump...)

  • Energy Consumption
  • Monitor continuity of service (Voltage loss) at load level (fridge, pump,...)


Source from : Schneider Electric


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