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Pan-Ty ® Cable Ties (Nylon 12 Cable Ties)

Panduit manufactures a large variety of cable ties ranging in sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications. Our cable ties are known for top performence and reliablitity, providing the lowest threading force of any one-place cable tie, optimizing installation time. For solar energy energy construction, our Nylon 12 offering is the premier choice to provide a durable tie to withstand the harshest environments found in the industry.

  • Resistant to prolonged life under UV exposure
  • Cable tie of choice for making attachments to galvanized frames
  • Superior resistance to zinc chloride and other chemicals created when moisture comes in contact with galvanized frames


Abrasion Protection and Cable Accessories

Insulate, harness and identify electrical/electronic components and cable with Panduit abrasion protection and cable accessories, ulterviolet, weather, and chemical resistant, heat stabilized material withstands rigors of PV installation.

  • Wide variety of sizes, materials and designs are available to meet a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards including UL and CSA
  • Comprehensive offering of wire management securing devices speed installation and improve reliability for any application


Grounding Connectors

  • Direct burial compression grounding system provides the highest performance and most reliable compression connection in the industry; offers the speed and safety of a compression connection while meeting IEE standard 837, UL Listed for grounding and bonding.
  • Lay-in lugs are designed for quick installation and are offered in aluminum or copper with corrosion-resistant tin plating and stainless steel screws.
  • Braided bonding straps are used to electrically bond doors, motors, and machine freames in the construction of control panels or machine structures


Power Connectors and Terminals

  • Regulatory Standard Compliant: Meets UL, CSA, IEC, ABS, NEBS Level 3 and OSHAI
  • Protects personnel and equipment throughout the lifecycle with power connections and cable management that are easy to use, install and maintain safety
  • Engineered for maximum reliablity and extended service life; proves superior electrical performance in harsh environment applications


Vinyl Insulated Ring Terminals - Funnel Entry

Meeting application challenges at the lowest installed cost

  • Designed and manufactured for superior electrical performance
  • Feature insulation support and brazed seam
  • Rated to 221° F (105° C)
  • UL® Listed and CSA Certified
  • Meet UL/CSA/ABS standards when used with Panduit tools


Stainless Steel Cable Ties

When strength, vibration, radiation, weathering, corrosion and temperature extremes are a factor, Panduit's self-locking head design speeds installation and locks into place at any length along tie body.

  • Provides strong, durable, and reliable solutions for cable bundling
  • Improved productivity and worker safety for bundling, fastening and identification in harsh environments
  • Meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards
  • Can be used in a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and underground [including direct burial] applications
  • Smooth surfaces and rounded edges assure cable protection and worker safety
  • AISI 316 stainless steel for the most corrosive environment


Stainless Steel Marker Plates

Panduit offers the broadest range of permenent identification solutions for solar applications that withstand and provide legibility in harsh environments, safe, quick and easy to install, permanent identification solutions include stainless steel and aluminium marker plates, tags, marking tools and ties to deliver improved productivity and workplace safety.

Onsite custom marking tools provide portability for permanent identification and demand. Panduit also offers a factory custom marking service for embossed or laser etched marker plates, tags and ties to speed installation time and reduct labor costs. This global custom marking service provides rapid response and quick product availability to keep solar projects on schedule and within budget.


Wiring Duct

An alternative to PVC wiring ducts, the halogen-free material has zero toxicity for enhanced fire safety and a higher continuous use temperature.

  • Halogen-free modified PPO material/no chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • No brominated fire retardants
  • Continuous use temperature of 203° F (95° C)
  • UL® flammability rating of V-0
  • Provided with North American standard (NE) or Din mounting holes (Type NNC)
  • Nonslip cover liner prevents cover slide
  • Wide finger/slot design provides greater rigidity and use with a wide range of wire and bundle sizes
  • Scorelines provid easy removal of fingers (Type NNC only) and sidewalls, saving installation time
  • UL® recognized and CSA certified


Hinged-Cover Wiring Duct

Hinging cover remains attached during routine maintenance or system upgrades, providing easier channel accesses and preventing cover loss.

  • No need to completely remove cover - simple wiring changes can be up to 20% faster
  • Cover retention in vertical application is up to two times greater than conventional wiring ducts
  • Cover fully engages duct fingers, limiting sidewall flex
  • For use in electrical control panel and low-voltage communications applications
  • UL® recognized and CSA certified
  • Continuous use temperature of 122° F (50° C)


Identification and Safety

Panduit solar labels are designed to meet required safety standards for PV installation labelling. These labels are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Certain labels leave blank spaces where variable thermal transfer printing can be added when specific on-site power and series data is required. These labels are ready to print on-demand using Easy-Mark™ Labelling Software and a TDP43ME, Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer. All labels are outdoor rated and are designed to have high resistance to direct UV exposure. This product solution has an optional clear over laminate to function in harsh environments.

  • Expertise in workplace safety compliance; meeting requirements of stringent regulatory bodies (OSHA, ANSI and NFPA)
  • Polyester material ensures outdoor durability of five years
  • Complete safety solution; to control and identify energy in a workplace with lockout/tagout devices, facility signage and labelling systems

Source from : PANDUIT

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