Preventive Maintenance - Railway


Transportation industry has been one of the most critical element in the infrastructure category. To provide a reliable transportation infrastructure, there are huge responsibilities in maintaining the system to produce optimum performance hence tools are critically necessary in this area of expertise.



Responsibilities: All equipment maintenance, maintenance of way, facilities maintenance
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Ensuring uptime is continuous and predictable            Thermal imagers
         Limiting/controlling downtime            Handheld oscilloscopes
         Safety of personnel and the environment            Battery Analysers
         Budget control    
         On-time schedule    

Vehicle maintenance

Responsibilities: Inspection and repair, shop operation 
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Troubleshooting for immediate response and repair            Digital multimeters
         Quick turn-around time            Electrical testers
         Predictive/preventive maintenance            Infrared thermometers
             Insulation testers
             Process tools

Wayside maintenance

Responsibilities: substations, signals, tracks, TES (traction electrification system)
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Maintaining consistent quality power loads            Digital multimeters
         Controlling downtime            Electrical testers
             Infrared thermometers
             Insulation testers
             Process tools
             Earth ground testers
             Battery Analyzers


Source from : Fluke