Preventive Maintenance - Oil & Gas

     Oil and Gas industry faces a range of challenges from dynamic market fluctuation to multiple stringent regulatory requirements. Downtime and inaccurate measurements can costs millions and it i critical to maintain stable, continuous operations without sacrifing safety. 

Maintenance Superintendent

Focus: Downtime prevention, safety regulations, budget goals 
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Ensuring uptime is continuous and predictable            Process Calibration Tools 
         Safety of personnel and the environment             Electrical Test Tools 
         Maintaining high product quality             Infrared and Vibration Tools
         Staying within budget     

Instrument Technician

Focus: Equipment and systems testing, maintenance and repair
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Preventing downtimes            Digital multimeters
         Safety systems testing            Documenting process calibrators
         Providing immediate response and repair during             Dry-block calibrator
process interruptions            Handheld oscilloscopes
             Loop calibrators
             Pressure calibrators


Focus: Installation, assembly, and preventive maintenance
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Meeting equipment standards and specifications            Infrared cameras
         Effectiveness of repairs (valve repacking)            Infrared thermometers
         Assembling machinery            Loop calibrators
         Determining optimal machinery placements            Vibration testers


Focus: Electrical installation, maintenance and repair
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Delivering efficient, consistent and quality power             Clamp meters
from utility or generation to process systems            Earth ground tester
         Maintaining safety and high energy systems            Infrared cameras
         Controlling efficient breakers and motors            Infrared thermometers
             Insulation multimeters
             Power quality analyzers
             Loop calibrators
             Vibration testers
             Battery analyzers

Measurement Technician

Focus: Calibration of flow meters involved in custody transfer
Issues faced:    Solutions : 
         Accurate measurements of flow            Documenting process calibrators
         Calibration of flow instruments            Dry-block calibrator
         Repair verification            Insulation multimeters
             Pressure calibrators


Source from : Fluke