Preventive Maintenance -Building Facility Maintenance


Efficient Adjustment of Ventilation Systems

Clamp probe and digital multimeters are part of a facility manager's basic equipment. Because electrical connections are found in all systems.

  • You test the performance and smooth running of switching cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat pumps or air conditioning and heating systems.
  • You identify overheated system components early with a thermal imager.


This allows you to extend the working life and ensure error-free operation.


Efficient Adjustment of Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps

During operation, an air conditioning system incurs five to ten times the electrical costs compared to the investment costs. 

This means optimally adjusted and regularly monitored refrigeration systems save cash. 

  • The digital manifolds (available in apps controlled version) make commissiining and servicing of air conditioning systems easier than ever. 
  • And for fast testing without any hoses, you always have the refrigeration test kit ready on hand. 


Thermography in Facility Management

Leaks, high transfer resistances and other anomalies result in a change of temperature and can be quickly and easily visualised using the thermography imaging process. 

The use of a thermal imager facilitates and optimizes work in facility management. Below we will show you the most important applications of thermography in Facility Management, so that you can use the thermal imager even more efficiently. 


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