Confined Space Entry

What is a Confined Space?

An enclosed or partially enclosed space under atmospheric pressure, not intended and not initially designed as working spot, and anytime

  • is exposed to atmosphere containing potentially excessive contamination levels,
  • experiences lack or excessive content of oxygen,
  • causes absorption, or
  • has limited means of entry and escape.


Examples of Confined Spaces

  • Storage tanks, road tankers, boilers, bins, pipelines and other tank-type compartments
  • Cavities, pits
  • Mine shafts and tunnels
  • Any ship spaces accessed through a hatch or an access point, cargo tanks (except for dry cargo holds)



   Gas Detection

Entries into the confined spaces conjugate to the uncharted danger of the enclosed atmosphere. For safe work and proactively identifying the danger before each entry, it is necessary to conduct an atmosphere analysis, as well as continuously monitoring the inside atmosphere.


ALTAIR® 5X Multi-Gas Detector

  • Advanced MSA XCell Sensor Technology
    i)  Faster respond time
    ii) Better stability
    iii) Longer lifespan
    iv) Cost effective
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Man down alarm
  • PID controller & VOC dectection
    - Measure up to 6 gases simultaneously
  • Ease to use
    - Glove friendly button
    - High-contrast display



   Fall Protection

For confined space entries without support points, MSA offers a unique system for personnel and cargo lowering into / rising from a confined space. The universal tripod provides a class B anchor point. Lifting is controlled by the MSA Workman Winch. Self-retractable lanyards serve as fall-arrest devices. The MSA Workman Rescuer provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bidirectional retrieval capability.


1) Carabiner

2) Pulley

3) Workman Rescuer

4) Workman Winch

5) Tripod











MSA Workman® Tripod

i)    Maximum extension length ~ 245cm

ii)   Maximum weighting ability: 

       - 140kg for personnel

       - 225kg for materials

iii)  Automatic hinge lock legs with incremental adjustment

iv)  Skid-resistant feet

v)   Non-entry rescue of confined space entrant and great portability

vi)  Lifting and lowering of materials and personnel via winch or hoist

vii) Allow for us of SRL

viii) Easy installation


MSA V-FORM™ Harness MSA Workman® Spreader Bar MSA Anti-Static Lanyards
  • Lightweight and durable components
  • Provides full comfort to users
  • Dual load indicator
  • Load capacity ~ 140kg
  • Connected to shoulder loops of MSA V-FORM™ Harness
  • Attached web loops
  • Energy absorbing lanyard
  • Perfect solution for working safely at height in explosive atmosphere
  • 5 conductive threads polyester to achieve anti-static property


   Respiratory Protection

In confined space areas with a constantly high potential for hazardous emissions, MSA offers combination supplied airline respirators operated by an airline trolley system to provide proper safety at work. If there is a risk for unexpected hazardous events, an escape device or an oxygen self-rescuer are the right choice to help workers escape from the confined space in case of oxygen deficient or toxic atmosphere.

Emergency Escape S-Cap-Air


AirXpress 2 Fire

  • 15mins for a safe escape
  • Light and compact
  • Meets SOLAS requirement
  • Fast automatic starting
  • High visibility outer baf and hood for added safety
  • End-of-service time indicator in field of vision
  • Integrated oro-nasal mask and neck seal for increased tightness
  • Exhalation valve minimises viser misting and CO2 accumulation
  • Cylider pressure indicator for simple visual checks
  • Simple to check and refurbish
  • Mobile pressure demand airline breathing apparatus
  • Includes compressed air cylinders in a mobile cart, air line, regulator and face pieces. 
  • 4 pieces of 9L 30MP cylinders
  • 4 hours air supply to 1 user
  • Maximum 90meters
  • Customizable configurations serve various applications
  • Rugged and reliable - EN137 approval
  • Ergonomic backplate design
  • AX demand valve provides increased flow rate and better maintained pressure
  • Warning signal for added safety
  • Harness zippers for easy switching of pressure gauge and demand valve


   Head, Eye and Hearing Protection

Regardless of what kind of work is carried out inside a confined space, it is necessary to use preventive personal protective equipment such as helmets and goggles. Working in the field of safety for more than 100 years, MSA offers a wide range of PPE for preventive protection.

V-Gard® Cap



Altimeter Goggles 

Left/RIGHT™ Helmet-Mounted Ear Muffs 

  • Without peak; unrestricted upward vision
  • New suspensions and optional chinstraps; give stable retention
  • Multipurpose goggles (headband or temples)
  • Outstanding shock absorption
  • Fog-free vision
    18 indirect ventilation holes
  • Unique design - fits ears of all shapes and sizes
  • Wireless World Version
    Enhance Bluetooth Communication Capabilities
Source from : MSA