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Are you responsible?

The answer could well be yes. Working at heights presents potential hazards and necessitate safety precautions. Even shortdistance falls can cause serious injury. According to health and safety legislation, duty-holders are responsible for ensuring adequate fall protection and are potentially liable in the event of an accident.

  • Designer/architect
  • CDM co-coordinator
  • Health and safety manager
  • Principal contractors/sub-contractor
  • Facilities manager
  • Client/building owner


Essential of Fall Protection Systems


1. Overhead Systems

Latchways overhead systems combine innovative Constant Force® technology with a robust mobile anchorage that offer outstanding levels of safety, convenience and versatility within virtually any industrial environment. Workers attached to the overhead system enjoy both unfettered mobility and continuous, hands-free security while working at heights.


Typical uses of overhead systems illustrated: rail car loading bay (Left) and internal factory access (Right). 

   1. Constant Force technology energy absorber

Located at one end of system, energy absorber ensures that maximum load transferred to structure in event of a fall does not exceed 18 kN.

   2. Overhead system mobile anchorage

Connects user via SRL (self-retracting lifeline) to overhead fall protection cable.


   3. Intermediate brackets

Support cable on multi-span systems and also accommodate change in direction.


   4. Line tensioning device

Allows system to be correctly tensioned for use. Indicator disc will spin freely when correct tension is reached at 5 kN.


2. Self Retracting Lifeline

With the Latchways range of products, MSA has combined innovative engineering, superior materials and futuristic design with quick and easy maintenance to provide the most advanced self-retracting lifelines available. SRLs are designed for use with Latchways overhead single- and multi-span systems, providing complete solutions for overhead industrial fall protection.


Latchways Sealed SRLs have been specifically designed for use within harsh marine environments such as offshore wind turbines and oil rigs. Their inherent flexibility allows devices to be installed on even the most complex structures for unhindered hands-free fall protection.


Sealed SRL Standard Cable SRL Webbing PFL Mini PFL
  • Completely field serviceable
  • IP69K ingress protection
  • Accelerated corrosion testing
  • Frictionless Constant Force braking mechanism
  • ATEX assessed
  • Impact resistant housing
  • 100% Full Contact™ locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel chassis & components
  • Available in stainless steel cable
  • Up to 310 lbs. worker capacity
  • Completely field serviceable
  • Frictionless Constant Force braking mechanism
  • ATEX assessed
  • Impact resistant housing
  • 100% Full Contact™ locking mechanism
  • Stainless steel chassis & components
  • Available in web & cable
  • 400lbs. worker capacity (cable only)


  • Most compact Self-Retracting Lifeline in its class
  • 10ft.(3m) length
  • High-impact polycarbonate housing
  • 360 fully rotating attachment point for complete flexibility
  • Stainless steel components
  • 400 lbs. worker capacity




  • Most compact Self-Retracting Lanyard in MSA's line of retractable lanyards
  • 6ft.(1.8m) length
  • High-impact polycarbonate housing
  • 360 fully rotating attachment point for complete flexibility
  • Stainless steel components
  • 400 lbs. worker capacity



SRL = Self-Retracting Lifeline; PFL = Personal Fall Limiter


3. Horizontal systems

Latchways horizontal systems are built around the innovative Transfastener™ and patented Constant Force technology, providing continuous hands-free security and guarantee unrivalled fall protection. System range is inherently flexible using 7 x 7 .31" stainless steel cable with a variety of inline components, and can be designed for as many as five simultaneous users. Suitable for use on virtually any structure or roofing arrangement, this system can be specified as a single cable system or multifaceted system that follows the facility’s structural contours.


  • Up to 5 simultaneous users
  • Fix to virtually all types of structures and roofing systems, including vertical sections, and designed to follow the contours, bends, and inclines of your building.
  • No need to detach and re-attach with the continuous movement capabilities of MSA's Latchways unique Transfastener
  • Constant Force technology or energy absorbers provide fall arrest protection


4. VersiRail® Guardrail

VersiRail guardrail provides comprehensive protection solutions for worker safety at heights. Four style variations are offered as a non-penetrative self-weighted system or alternatively, permanently installed with choice of fixing plates. VersiRail is quick and easy to install and can be used on virtually any flat surface.


  • Available in 4 styles (straight, curved, inclined, and folding)
  • Easy to install and transport due to aluminum construction and EZ-FIX components
  • Configurable to provide guarded walkways, roof edge guards, corner units, and end sections
  • Independently tested design and installation (Conforms with BS EN 13374:2013, BS EN 14122-3:2001:A1:2012, OSHA 1926.502 & 1910.23, AS 1657:2013 as applicable)
  • Applicable for use on flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 4°.


5. LadderLatch™ Systems

The Latchways LadderLatch system can be fitted to any fixed industrial ladder and installed to follow contours of any structure to which it is attached, maximizing user safety. As with horizontal systems, LadderLatch solutions employ Latchways Transfastener and Constant Force technologies to provide hands-free security and industry-leading fall protection. LadderLatch systems can be installed as part of a new build or retrofitted, and are suitable for use by as many as four workers at a time.


  • Guardrail solution for all types of roofs
  • Lightweight aluminum guardrail is 30% lighter than traditional steel guardrail
  • Guardrail designed for quick installation
  • Four style options (curved guardrail, inclined guardrail, straight and folding guardrail [freestanding only])
  • Four fixing options (Slab mounting plate, wall mounting plate, Z-Type mounting plate, parapet mounting plate)
  • Three finishes (natural, polished or powder coated to a RAL color) ensuring you can tailor the system to match your requirements and surroundings
  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing guardrail
  • VersiRail guardrail does not require annual inspection
  • Meets all OSHA and EN guardrail standards


Industry Case Study

A dairy farm consisting of 5 interconnecting ridge-roofed buildings had an original fiber cement roof with bad patchwork has been deteriorating to such an extent that it regularly suffers from storm damage. Latchways from MSA had cylindrical bodies end base plates of the Constant Force® post specially powder coated black to soften the appearance against the roof.

In the interests of energy efficiency, the south facing roof slopes are covered by solar panels that generates 450,000kWh per year, which helps in the energy consumption and providing a saleable surplus for this customer.

The dairy farm owner was determined to follow HSE Working at Height regulations in constructing the new roof requirements. So, the Latchways’ ManSafe fall protection systems were installed. Furthermore, Latchways’ portable WalkSafe walkway sections and fall proof covers are deployed wherever roof workers are operating to provide them with additional fall protection.

Total length of 305m of Latchways’ ManSafe fall protection systems were installed across the 5 buildings utilizing 37 Constant Force posts for Fibre Cement Roofs. In addition to the cable systems, a further 10 anti-pendulum Constant Force posts were located at strategic points close to the apexes. These enable a system user to safely tie-off having eliminated the risk of a pendulum fall from the end of the roof structure. The WalkSafe sections (positioned at the time of future work being carried out) provide a nonslip surface, reduce any wear and tear and help to distribute the load evenly across the roof.


Source from : MSA

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