Improve Power Conversion Efficiency

Typical applications for high precision measurement: 

  • Inverters
  • Electric Vechical or Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Power Conditioners for renewable energy soruces (Photovoltic inverters, etc.)
  • Motors
  • Wireless charging systems
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply, Power storage systems
  • Research & Development
  • Laboratories & Universities


Important specifications of power analyzers :

- DC accuracy
- AC accuracy for each frequency range
- Frequency bandwidth
- Analog /Digital resolution
- Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
- Temperature coefficient
- Effect of self heat


Achieving true power analysis

Feature 1 : DC, 0.1Hz to 2 MHz frequency bandwidth
Obtain even greater accuracy in high-frequency power measurements with the aid of Hioki’s current sensor phase shift function

A wide frequency range is required for power measurement due to the acceleration of switching devices, especially SiC. High accuracy, broadband, and high stability. The PW6001’s world-class technology-based fundamental performance makes in-depth power analysis a reality.


Feature 2 : ±0.02%* basic accuracy for power
Strengthened resistance to noise and temperature fluctuations in the absolute pursuit of measurement stability

The custom-shaped solid shield made completely of finely finished metal and optical isolation devices used to maintain sufficient creepage distance from the input terminals dramatically improve noise resistance, provide optimal stability, and achieve a Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) performance of 80 dB/100 kHz. Add the superior temperature characteristics of ±0.01%/°C and you now have access to a power analyzer that delivers top-of-the-line measurement stability.

Solid Shield.png

Feature 3 : 18-bit resolution, 5 MS/s sampling

Measurements based on sampling theorem are required to perform an accurate power analysis of PWM waveforms. The Hioki PW6001 features direct sampling of input signals at 5 MS/s, resulting in a measurement band of 2 MHz. This enables analysis without aliasing error.

More precise from low to high level, current range is defined by the peak current. 

TrueHD 18-bit converter* measures widely fluctuating loads with extreme accuracy

A built-in 18-bit A/D converter provides a broad dynamic range. Even loads with large fluctuations can be shown accurately down to tiny power levels without switching the range. Further, a digital LPF is used to remove unnecessary high-frequency noise, for accurate power analysis.

TrueHD 18-bit converter.PNG

Achieve lightning fast calculations for 5 independent signal paths at the same time with the Power Analysis Engine II

Calculations for up to five independent signal paths (period detection/broadband power analysis/harmonic analysis/waveform analysis/FFT analysis) are independently and digitally processed, eliminating any effects one may have on another. Achieve a 10 ms data update speed while maintaining full accuracy through high-speed processing.

Source from : Hioki