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ASEAN SUPER 8 Exhibition

ASEAN Super 8 is the biggest mega trade fair in the ASEAN region that integrates various leading exhibitions dedicated to promoting the latest developments and technologies within industries related to construction, energy and the built environment. In align with the ASEAN Super 8, KVC has taken part in the event and offered a range of product solutions and applications, helping customers to build, operate, optimize and enhance their assets every day.

KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd is a leading and rising Industrial supplier in Malaysia, founded in 1989. Today, we have more than 20 sales offices all over Malaysia, headquartered in Bangi, Selangor with approximately 600 associates to serve over 6,000 active customers. To ensure sustainable growth, the Group has expanded and diversified its business across 4 specialized industries: Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M), Infrastructure, Residential & Commercial and Retails.


The event was held at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur from 19 to 21 March 2019. During this great event, KVC has showcased a few selected products at booth 8710. Namely, the brand-new Schneider Electric, EVLink™ Wallbox, an electric vehicle charging solution, to power up your electric vehicle safely and securely by the protection of circuit breaker, RCD and surge protection device.

To have the efficient power distribution in the building, Henikwon, Busduct Systems are an alternative to cabling and provide numerous advantages to the installer and end customer including savings on space, time, cost, further to reduced losses, voltage drop and flexibility to reposition loads using tap-off points. The limitation of conventional cable installation which the electricity cannot just tap from a permanently fixed point for power distribution, however, the tapping points of Busduct Systems can be varied and changed as desired within the entire power distribution system.

For network infrastructure setup, CommScope has developed a solution that combines power and optical fiber communications into one system, eliminating the distance limitation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) input for power and communication that can cause difficulties with network planning. Also, eliminating extra expense associated with powering typical low power network devices.

All the systems above can have the power back up by APC UPS, to guarantee power protection for the critical equipment, and signalling. UPS will instantly provide clean battery backup power for devices and critical equipment to up and running, even when the power goes out. UPS keeps your home and office equipment from the “Seven Types of Power Problem” – Transients, Interruptions, Sag/under-voltage, Swell/overvoltage, Waveform distortion, Voltage fluctuations and Frequency variations with the excellent power protection.

The data line is well protected by Novaris, surge protection devices to prevent equipment damage caused by direct lightning strikes, surges. Our surge protections are capable to protect photovoltaic equipment with voltages up to 1500V. KVC is to ensure your success of solar energy project with our Huawei, FusionSolar Smart PV solution, by achieving higher O&M efficiency, proactive maintenance, and lower operation cost.

Last but not the least, KVC always cares about your SAFETY, partnership with MSA in fall protection enables us to have wide-ranging support as our product leadership is backed by a worldwide network of highly trained registered installers and contractor companies. MSA Latchways® systems are smartly designed for simple integration into nearly every work environment, bringing confidence to workers at height without hindering productivity.

Throughout the event, we had received overwhelming responses, thus, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the people and our potential customers that have come and shown great interests in our products. At KVC, we strive to provide the best in class diversity solutions and experiences for our customers. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our next event, news, product promotion and more!