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Facade Lighting Project (SPICE Convention Center Penang)

Proper Lighting adds Value and Life to any Structure Or Building. Be Relevant , Be Connected!


Gone were the days that Buildings, Parks, Bridges Or Public Spaces are decorated with mono lights with filters on them just to reflect the colors. Color brings life! And what better way to do it other than using LEDS.


LED Solutions have evolved so much that there are many shapes and sizes to suit any kind of environment, blending in, camouflaging itself, until it brings life, to its wearer, when switched on.


Imagine this, LED lights on a Bridge, or on a Grand Tree in a park or even a Monument are able to tell you how strong the wind is from a distance by showing a particular or a choice of colors or even greet you with festive messages! Yes, it's here and it can be done, and has already been implemented!


SPICE CONVENTION CENTER, designed by RP illuminazione for SP SETIA Group, Supplied and Installed by Originex Lumens [OGL], is proof of that.


This is one of the night attractions in Penang whereby tourists will be attracted to view and take pictures of the beautiful sight which is the SPICE CONVENTION CENTER.


Proper Lighting Adds and Life to any Structure Or Building!